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Hey, I'm Tara and I'm new to this site. I'm not sure if I have an eating disorder or not but my friends have been telling me that I could be in danger of having one... I skip meals a lot and in the past I have purposely thrown up after meals. I also often feel guilty and upset if I eat more than 1 meal a day and have an urge to exercise to lose the weight I've just gained. This might just be me being silly tho because I don't really know a lot about eating disorders... I am 5"4 and approx 47kg (female)- I have lost around 15kg since December 2017. If anyone has any advice or just wants to talk then I'd love to get to know some people...

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If you are only eating 1 meal and day, exercising and vomiting after eating I would suggest you need some help and quickly - this is not healthy and could be damaging to your health - so I do suggest a visit to your GP - and that you talk to someone. EDs are an illness and they need treatment to get better - and the longer you wait the harder they are to beat. ABC website has useful information - and they also have a help line - but do please seek some help - take notice of your friends - take action now and please do seek some help.


Hi Tara, I'm so sorry to hear that you are worried about having an eating disorder. There is a very simple test called the SCOFF test that can help individuals decide if they need help. newbridge-health.org.uk/eat...

From what I can tell from the symptoms you describe and the concern of your friends who very much care for you I would really urge you to talk to your GP - please don't put off getting help. You don't deserve to be worrying about this and you could be damaging your physical and mental health further down the road - please book up an appointment with your GP today. EDs are an illness like any other and treatment received the earlier the better.


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