Changing patterns in eating


I was just wondering if anyone could relate.

I started of binge eating for years. Then I have a 9 week period of eating properly then started to worry about food. For like 5 - 6 weeks I restricted calories and since then I have been restricting through the days and bingeing in the evening. However, now, I am at a period where I am able to eat properly. I don't know, my eating is just so interchangeable. I am in the process of getting an ED referral but I mean, can I really say I have an ED when I switch from phases of not eating properly to eating properly just like that?


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  • Just because you don't fall under strict anorexia or bulimia does not mean you don't have an eating disorder there are more than just the two. If you restrict and binge and wrestle with negative thoughts then there's an eating disorder good luck with your help I feel your struggle

  • Thank you! :) It is just kind of weird because I fine and like what if I am just being a drama queen. Also, I guess because a lot of people treat me like I must be wrong or confused because I appear to eat normally some of the times.

  • Yes - you can say you have an ED - I had the same pattern as you for some time - periods when everything seemed OK - then back to the cycle again - until the cycle eventually took over - so if you have the opportunity to have an appointment take it - EDs are a disease that needs treatment - the sooner the better. Do hope you are listened to and helped.

  • Thank you. I will make sure I go to appointments and continue seeking help until I am completely okay. :)

  • i do stuff like this. for a few weeks i binge and then throw it back up, then i eat normally for a few weeks, then i don't eat much (maybe a piece of fruit a day). i think you can say you have an ed.

  • Thank you. Oh no. I hope you are getting help. It is funny in a weird way how being able to say I have an ED is important for me anyway because before I was like, of course, I am fine, I don't want that label but now it means I can label the voice and tell it to shut up at times, if that makes sense.

  • Thank you for writing this post. I thought I was going crazy. I am in the same position as you. Just got a referral to Ed clinic from local mental health pre-assessment but it seems to have thrown me into a panic bingeing mode. I just want to eat since Friday and all the wrong stuff. I was wondering if sub-consciously I am trying to run away and by eating I am saying I don't have an issue, like self sabotage. I'm not even sure I have an Ed and feel that maybe if I wanted to I could stop restricting and purging and like you that maybe I'm just a drama queen and should just "get over it!"

    But then I haven't been able to myself yet and it's been going on over 6months now so I will go to the assessment when I get it and try to explain all this weirdness to them and go from there.

    I hope you keep your appointment and can do the same, just explain how you feel and what's happening for you and where you're at.

    Good luck, maybe we can support one another virtually as we are at the same stage, feel free to pm etc. xx

  • Yeah, that totally makes sense. When I first went into counseling at Uni, I was thinking, why am I doing this? only people with problems go counseling and I do not have a problem. It was a really sad experience because we talked about a lot of stuff that I have never properly dealt with and I did not want to go back. Also, I had accidentally let it slip to my personal tutor and so she was sort of on my back, making sure I got help. At the time my eating got better and I was so happy to say 'Look, I am fine. I don't need to dig into the past anymore.'

    I definitely get you when you say that you feel like you can just stop sometimes. I told myself that and whilst sometimes it feels like I can just stop, it doesn't go away completely. I feel like I am standing at the edge of a hole and I might soon fall back in.

    Yeah, that would be totally cool! :) It is sad that other people have to experience eating disorders, but it is nice to know that someone understands because though my friends are supportive, they do not get it and there are people who don't believe me because sometimes I appear to eat normally.

    Good luck as well! I hope your pre-assessment goes well and that you get the help you need. xx

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