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Hi, I am new here. First time user. My nick name is Nonnie. I tilo my therapist last week I had a eating disorder. It was the first time I ever told any one. She wants to start working on it next week. I am so scared of the unknown. How much weight do they want me to gain, how fast. I don't think I like this.

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Hi nancyfurst577, You made the first important step in addressing your ED and that is opening up to your therapist. We are all afraid of the unknown. The best thing we can do when afraid is to not project down the road whether it be the next day or the next week. Live in the present moment.

You have unanswered questions circling around in your head. Wait until you see the therapist next week. Explain your fears and doubts. She will work with you around that. You can't not like something that you haven't experienced yet. This is your time to address your health issue. Good Luck. Keep us updated. x


Thank you. Lining in the present is one of the biggest issues I have. Always go for the past Thank yow very much for your advice.

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Eds take over your mind and tell you that you don't want to gain wait. Clearly you are going to a therapist for help - and you admitted your eating disorder which is a huge step to take. You need to talk to your therapist about your fears and let them guide you as to the best way forward - it is scary and the ED will do its best to hold you back - but it is an illness and needs treatment - it won't go away on its own - so do take courage and allow your therapist to help you. The ABC website has useful information - and there's a telephone helpline if a chat would help.


Thank you for listening. I will go on the web site for sure. Thank you.


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