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hello is me why again

I have battled anorexia for 44 yrs on and off. I have beaten her multiple times. but here I am facing that voice again and I am angry and scared. she usually pops up when I am under stress or feeling depressed but for the first time she creeped up when I am actually happy. I try and talk about it with close friends and my husband but they don't understand. I feel very alone right now. I tried eating protein this morning and I gagged at the thought and heard her saying " really fat ass you need that". I don't know what triggered this so I don't know how to stop her this time. so scared.

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Know the feelings and thoughts - they creep in when you are at your most vulnerable - and take over without you noticing sometimes. Good you've recognised the pattern - suggest you go to your GP and see if you can get some support in place - ABC also has a helpline which might give you what you need to help you beat the voice - don't be alone in your struggles - I know how hard it is as those who've not struggled don't know what you're going through - so I do hope you can get some help.

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My heart goes out to you as it sounds like it has ruled a lot of your life. You are very strong and you seem determined.

Im glad you have realised that it has poped up and this way you can get ot sorted before it gets much worse!!

I think you already know the voice in your head is a liar, shes not your friend and by trusting her, you will go right back to where you obviously dont want to be.

People who havent suffered with it find it very difficult to understand and it is frustrating for them to see you go through this, they will want a quick fix for you because they care and love you but we both know that it doesnt work like that. Try not to push these people away even if they dont understand because that is what ana wants, she wants you all to herself and for you to only trust her and if you let her win, you will go right back. The people around you love you and thats the most important thing.

Do u have a therapist?? Its so difficult to do it yourself and you need to lift some of the pressure that is on you.

My thoughts are with you and you family, you have done so well to get to where you are and i hope you can beat it this time and hopefully it will be the last time.❤❤


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