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Do I quit therapy

Hey I'm struggling to know what to do iv been getting help for my ed for the last 6 months iv been trying really hard to recover but I'm not a very strong willed person iv been told by my therapist if I don't make more progress then they are going to discharge me this is stressing me out alot and I have alot of other things happening at the minute do I just quit before they kick me out and try on my own or just wait for them to kick me out cause I think it will happen this last week has been so bad I have no energy to do anything at the minute all I do is sleep and worry about things I feel like I'm beyond help and they obviously think so too

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I was horrified to read of the response you are getting from the ED treatment - don't let them kick you out - you clearly need this help - from experience EDs don't go away on their own - you need this help - and have a right to receive it just as with any other illness. ABC also have a helpline and website which might give you some additional support - but do push to keep in the treatment - don't let them discharge you - and don't give up on yourself - don't let the ED win. Good luck.

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Thank you for the response yes I really do need this help I'm at the stage I want to get better but I can't stop the behaviour I just been to the docs and I have low blood pressure and showing signs of low potassium and sodium so I'm feeling pretty rubbish and I'm not sure how much longer I can do this and if they discharge me ill be on my own


With your physical symptoms I would be surprised if you were discharged - hope you can continue to get some help - do you get any counselling - its so important to find someone who can help you look as the reasons for your struggles and help you tackle the thoughts and emotions - ABC has a good support line.


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