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I may have an eating disorder


Growing up I've never really worried about my weight, high motabolism runs in my family so I would always stay the same size, this didn't really effect me until I got to college and joined a military program. To the naked eye I was a shapely fit girl but it turned out that I was actually under weight only by a few pounds but it still counted to me so I would start to weigh myself 3 times a day and it seemed to me no matter how I ate I could never keep the weight on, it took me a whole year just to keep on 2lbs. I'm 21 years old I'm 5'5 and I'm currently 113lbs compared to my 122lbs at the beginning of the summer. My problem is this, for some reason every couple of months out of the year I binge and I eat everything in sight for weeks on end but I never purge I'm just really hungry , then after that period of time is over I become full off of little to nothing, I just never really feel hungry or it only takes a little bit of food to fill me up. I also feel weak and tired all the time but during these periods I still eat what I normally do I just don't have the same desire to eat the food or I get full quickly, is this normal or signs of an eating disorder?

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I suggested you speak to a GP and explain what is happening. They may refer you to ED specialists or at the very least monitor you.

Maybe the tiredness is because you are not eating enough? I'm no expert, so I'm likely to be wrong. I struggled with fatigue when I eat less even if I do not feel hungry.

Hopes this helps.

I would say see a pcp. you are saying you have negative thoughts or that you have extreme guilt after you do this. sometimes people who don't have an eating disorder will binge when they have something even as simple as a vitamin or mineral deficiency and they will start to eat. example someone who deprives them self or has little interest in dairy might binge on a gallon of ice cream. there are reports of pregnant women eating soil due to a mineral deficiency. hope your issue is easy to resolve. good luck

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