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Short Video on Eating Disorders

Hello everyone,

My colleague and me are currently working on an eating disorder brief. The deliverable for this brief is a short video (minute or less long) and the message we must communicate in this video is ‘eating disorders do not discriminate’.

In addition, the tone of this video needs to be uplifting and empowering.

We have come up with a few ideas for this brief but we strongly feel that getting feedback from those who have experienced this and/or have worked with those who have experienced this is needed.

As this is a sensitive topic, we want to avoid creating a video that is insensitive, stereotypical, and discriminative.

Our question is: If you were the director, what would you show in the video that is realistic but uplifting/empowering?

If anyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts on the topic we would be tremendously grateful.

Many thanks


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I think this is so difficult to answer unless you are recovered or at least recovering well. Hope you get some good responses.

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Suggest you contact Anorexia and Bulimia Care and talk to their Director Jane - she would give you a great deal of insight and put you in contact with others who would be of great use in the production of your video.

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I suggest you use a range of people with eating disorders to deliver the message. Young, old, underweight, healthy weight, overweight, male female etc


I suggest that you include how lots of people can be affected, children teenagers, adolescents, young adults, adults, older adults, men, women, how it can affect trans individuals too (I read an interesting article on this), people of all sexual orientations, ethnicities, social class and weights.

People stereotypically think of very underweight teenage girls when they think of eating disorders but many more people can be affected and the eating disorder of EDNOS is not very well known so it may be useful to menion EDNOS😊

Maybe also you could include some people who have recovered from eating disorders such as Lily Collins and explain how they turned the bad experience of having an eating disorder into a more positive one such as raising awareness of eating disorders through the movie she stared in recently😊

Also I know some people use the their experience of eating disorders in their creative work such as painting or creative writing. I write poetry about my eating disorder as an out let and I find that uplifting and an escape from the condition sometimes 😊


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