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I am depressed and FAT!!!

I am 5\5 and 193 pounds I have struggled with weight always going up and never down, I will go on days with only 600 calories or days with constent workouts I have 7 workout apps on my phone 5 of which are fitness I am constantly looking in the mirror to see if the bump in my stomach went away I almost came close to throwing up on purpose today do I need help???

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Yes - you need some help. 600 cals is not enough to be having a balanced diet and can lead to health problems - you sound to have issues over body image - and if you've considered throwing up that is getting serious. Go to your GP and ask for specialist ED help - don't let the problem grow and please, please don't start throwing up - the damage you do to yourself can be long term. the ABC website also has useful information - and they have a support line you could ring.


Thank you... even though I sometimes consider throwing up I never did. 😊


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