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When to start?

I am to see a counselor in a couple days, should I start trying to eat normally from my anorexia today, or should I wait and see what the therapist says

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Hi, What do you mean should i eat normally or wait?


I want to start trying to eat more, but should I just wait until I see a professional to start so I know what foods to eat and stuff (I'm kind of clueless to this)


Well i m not an expert and maybe the worst person for giving advice..but i think you should do What you feel like. I mean, if you feel like trying to eat a bit different you can try. I would just listen to how you feel i guess. I think in my experience i didn't like to be forced to eat, I know some treatments do this but if you are deciding on your own you could go step by step, maybe finding a balance between ' challenging yourself ' and ' feeling uncomfortable'.

When I m scared of some food or I want to eat a bit more i try to challenge a little bit. Maybe not chosing food i m super scared of but trying to make an effort to be healthier and beat the bad voices in my head if that makes sense

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I think maybe try and eat when you feel like you can?


I would just tr to avoid a big swing--I'm not sure where you started, but from what I have heard and been told from my nutritionist, it's best to adjust little by little. If you've been super restrictive, just take a small step, an extra hundred calories instead of whatever extra might be considered normal.


But if you can eat a little bit more it's definitely a step in the right direction, both physically and mentally.


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