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I'm not sure if I actually classify to have an eating Disorder?!!!!

I'm not completely sure if I have an eating disorder which worries me. Seeing as I am now really struggling to accept my body.I feel so disappointed with myself because I was so skinny when I was younger I still am skinny so people say but I still feel extremely self conscious about my body.When I look in the mirror I see myself as an extremely fat person and it's something that makes me hate myself.I have had issues with self harm and depression in the past because I can't accept myself the way I am even though I want to but my mentality won't change.I know it's an easier said then dome thing. I skip 2 meals a day now, most of the time and struggle to do so.I'm considering to start bulging but I know that like self harm and starving myself bulging won't be a permanent fix to the real problem. I know that If I start bulging I won't be able to stop I'm just not sure how long I can convince myself not to do it because I know I will eventually do it.I'm just not sure what to do?

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idk_Idc_Not_anymore_ Your name says it all. I don't know, I don't care as well cutting down on your eating. Self harm and depression in the past all leading to a very serious, deep problem. I'm sure you realize that you do have an eating disorder which needs to be addressed ASAP. Please get yourself some professional help so that you can get back on track before this gets completely out of hand. This isn't an overnight fix but at least someone will be guiding you in the steps that need to be taken. My best to you...x


Please do seek some help - you are clearly in a very bad place at present - and skipping meals like that is not a healthy way to continue and will lead to problems rapidly if you don't do something about it quickly. Go to your GP - ask for specialist ED help - with counselling around the other issues of body image and depression. Good luck.


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