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Eating disorder referral

I think I may have an eating disorder so I asked my GP fro a referral. However, I am worried about whether it will be taken seriously. 7 months ago, I was obese, but since then, I've lost 17 kg (with little exercise) and I have a 'normal' BMI. So, I am worried that because my weight and BMI is fine if it won't be seen much of a problem. Would this be the case?

Also, there is also that when I am at home, I binge eat but at Uni, I starve, restrict calories and also binge. Because of the differences based on where I am, would that mean that my problems aren't seen as that important?

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Thankfully, eating disorder services are starting to move away from weight being the sole marker for diagnosis. I was also obese when my eating disorder started (15 years ago) and it wasn't recognised for 6 years until I became very poorly by which time the ED had gotten a tight grip of me. Early intervention is key and you did the right thing in talking to your GP. Your problems are just as valid as anyone elses regardless of your bmi, eating disorders are harmful at any weight xx


Please do not worry - your GP has taken you seriously - and since they have referred you - the ED service as a basic duty of care could not refuse to see you. Also - ED services understand that the issues are not just about weight - but about the approach to food and how we use it to "control" our lives - be open with them about the binge, starve cycle - which is the cycle I went through with weight issues just like yours - and they certainly appreciated my struggles whatever the scales showed. Good luck with the referral - you are not alone in your problems.


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