Has anyone recovered, and if so how?

Hello, I have tried so many things; GP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, general boot camps, self-help books, hobbies, online groups and face to face support groups but I still cannot shift this debilitating disorder.

Does anyone please have any successful methods used to overcome eating disorders. I would be so very grateful to hear them. I am willing to try anything right now to overcome this.

Thank you xx

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  • I think that it is possible depending on age, relationship status and if you are a parent or not. For me it proved difficult as I am always being watched and followed because I have too much insight and am seemingly outnumbered. The only possible way out would be to just leave but I couldn't leave my kids as they'd be motherless as I was- well she was there but not emotionally available so same thing. It would also mean leaving them around a narcissist who abused me. Like I say looks unlikely for me but I am pretty sure that along my way I have helped others get in a better position to help anorexics and while they live with the stability of work and own home me and kids have no home we can definitely describe as stable and I couldn't even get an 8hr a week job in a stockroom. The thanks I get for 5yrs torturing myself.

    Plus recovery awakens you spiritually and that should be dealt with very carefully. In my case I had to figure it out alone but definitely in inpatient or day place would be helpful in that respect for grounding and developing positivity. I had to put up with one so called friend after another all "in on it" lying to my face and causing negativity which I have now mirrored back to them. Recovery brings empathy and you soak up others crap unknown to you and do the hard work for others. Again recovery from anorexia involves mind body and spirit and not to be taken lightly.

  • I truly hope it is possible to recover. I have suffered all my adult life, I don't seem to know any other way. I'm not even sure what is normal anymore. I really hope you are able to recover also. You seem so compassionate and a good mother. I wish you well xxxx

  • My daughter is still in recovery .was diagnosed just over 2 years ago,spent 8 months as in patient. Her recovery continues at home in very loving supportive environment.She sees Camhs counsellor every other week.it has taken a long time for her engage with anyone from Camhs but I still dont think she opens up that much.I think recovery is possible,as her mum I have to believe that and I think we should always remain hopeful. Recovery as you know is not easy ,you have to take all the help and support offered and then ask for more when you need it.I hope you can continue on road to recovery ,you deserve much more than what anorexia will give you .with love xxxx

  • Thank you so much for your lovely message. I wish you and your family well for the future, and I think it is wonderful that your daughter has such a supportive network around her. Thank you for your kind words xxxx

  • Hi

    I think recovery is a long difficult process and many things work for different people. I find surrounding myself with really positive nurturing people helps me. Recovery is possible. Keep going.

  • Thank you, I have slowly been removing the negative people from my life as I get older. It's so refreshing! xx

  • I went from being in hospitals and treatments all year round to being a graduate student eating three meals a day and some snack with most of the time no bad thoughts. I think once I forced myself to eat for such a long time, it became a habit. But the bad thoughts still come every now and then. You learn to ignore them more and more as time goes by.

  • Good for you Liba. Congratulations and continued success. x

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