Does anyone have experience with inpatient treatment?

After 18 years of suffering with an eating disorder and trying everything possible to overcome it (therapy/counselling, hypnotherapy, regular boot camps, online courses, support groups, hobbies, self help books, regular visits to my GP, medication, CBT) I am still unable to recover and would very much like to be admitted for some serios intervention. Does anyone please have any experience and/or advice on how to be admitted?

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  • Great you have the courage to seek an admission - first port of call will be your GP as you will need a referral - unless you go privately - ABC website might have some help for you on possible locations where ED treatments is available. Its a hard journey - but admission can turn things round as you get 24/7 help and support from professionals - and you get the "right" nutrition and amounts - and they offer counselling and support around other areas of your life - as well as looking at meal planning. Being supported during recovery is so important - and as an in-patient you will get this - so good luck.

  • Thank you lovely. It seems so hard to be taken seriously and qualify for treatment. Because I suffer from bulimia, my BMI is around 19 so not 'thin' enough to be considered for treatment. We know all too well that weight is not a marker of the extent of an eating disorder. I will keep asking my GP. Thank you!

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