yesterday was so bad. I was all right in the morning then about 11am I went on a binge. I felt so awful after I wanted to take my own life. I only managed to cope because I put my head phones on and blocked out the voices which where telling me that I was a loser and fat.I just couldn't cope. Managed to get through the day but had to have more of my anxiety medicine than usual. Gonna go to the Drs Tuesday.

Today got up and I'm still frightened about what happened but feeling a bit like I can cope. Not myself at all plus I'm very dizzy when I stand. Hope today goes quick because I want to go to bed, can't go to bed until 9pm because I have my daughter and husband. I'm so depressed.

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  • karen46, As I was scrolling through the unanswered posts, I came across yours. I hope by now you have seen your doctor and that he has addressed your dizziness and other issues. Let us know how you are coping today. My best. x

  • thanks for the reply. I have seen the Dr and he had re referred me back to the eating disorder clinic

  • karen46, my thoughts will be with you. I do care. x

  • just to let you know I'm starting treatment and the Ed clinic on the 5 TH of July. I was so relieved when I got the letter because I'm getting worse all the time. Thanks for your concern.

    Karen xxx

  • Karen, I'm glad you will be starting treatment soon. I know how important this is for you right now. Until July 5th, reach out to the forum for any support you may need. You are about to take an all important step towards help and healing. Thank you for letting me know the update. Please keep in touch. I'm here for you by PM as well. xx

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