How do I get my boobs back?

I am recovering from anorexia and so far I have gained about 3kg. My breasts went from a D to an A cup, or even smaller during my time with an eating disorder. I am currently in a calorie surplus (well, I think) eating around 1700-2500 calories a day. It averages at about 2000 or so. I know I have gained weight but honestly I don't really look that different, I just bloat really easily as I am not used to eating that much. I lost weight in my thighs and breast but not really my stomach (I did, but it's not as noticeable). I feel like I am not putting weight on in my breasts where I majorly lost it but putting it on in my stomach where I didn't lose it as much. Is there a way I can get my boobs back to how they were? Will I ever get them back or will I always be stuck with small breasts now?

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  • I get that feeling ive lost my bum since losing weight. Think it takes a while for her stomach to get used it to eating more. I'm trying to start eating more which is challenging. Good luck with your unique journey.

  • It's interesting isn't it? Sounds like we're at a similar stage in that I too am recovering from anorexia and gained 3kgs (which I'm really struggling with) but I hate and have always hated my boobs with a passion. When I lose weight it quickly goes from my boobs but when I gain it immediately goes back to my boobs and I HATE it. But thank you for saying you don't look much different because if I really challenge myself I guess I don't why di I hate weight gain so much? I guess it's fear and losing the one thing I felt I could do etc etc etc. But in answer to your question I'm sure the weight will eventually go on your boobs - I wish I could give you my boobs and you could give me the 'want' to have them!!! Take care x

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