How do I get my boobs back?

I am recovering from anorexia and so far I have gained about 3kg. My breasts went from a D to an A cup, or even smaller during my time with an eating disorder. I am currently in a calorie surplus (well, I think) eating around 1700-2500 calories a day. It averages at about 2000 or so. I know I have gained weight but honestly I don't really look that different, I just bloat really easily as I am not used to eating that much. I lost weight in my thighs and breast but not really my stomach (I did, but it's not as noticeable). I feel like I am not putting weight on in my breasts where I majorly lost it but putting it on in my stomach where I didn't lose it as much. Is there a way I can get my boobs back to how they were? Will I ever get them back or will I always be stuck with small breasts now?

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  • I get that feeling ive lost my bum since losing weight. Think it takes a while for her stomach to get used it to eating more. I'm trying to start eating more which is challenging. Good luck with your unique journey.

  • It's interesting isn't it? Sounds like we're at a similar stage in that I too am recovering from anorexia and gained 3kgs (which I'm really struggling with) but I hate and have always hated my boobs with a passion. When I lose weight it quickly goes from my boobs but when I gain it immediately goes back to my boobs and I HATE it. But thank you for saying you don't look much different because if I really challenge myself I guess I don't why di I hate weight gain so much? I guess it's fear and losing the one thing I felt I could do etc etc etc. But in answer to your question I'm sure the weight will eventually go on your boobs - I wish I could give you my boobs and you could give me the 'want' to have them!!! Take care x

  • Aw thank you so much for this:)

  • Hi lucyjenkins, first of all congratulations on recovering from anorexia. That's a big step I know. As for how to get your boobs back to how they were, it would be through gentle exercise. Which you would have to clear with your doctor first. By exercise, I mean as little as a soup can in each hand can provide you some upper body strength as well as muscle especially while you are going through calorie surplus. Your breasts will increase in size as well as the upper chest wall muscles, giving you a nice décolleté. Again, because of having the ED, please check with your doctor first. Good Luck x

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