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Heart scare from bulimia?


Hi, I'm Anne and new. I have been bulimic for 2 years now and havent told anyone . I am currently having a low heart rate( in the 40'S and 30'S) being investigated by the hospital and am worried that my purging has caused this. I dont want the doctors to be angry at me that it could be my own fault and dont know what to do.

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Hey so sorry you are having these difficulties. Am not sure but if drs have done blood tests they surely must know that you have an ed. If not please,pplease be honest with them and tell them because they can then help you. It sounds as if your heart is struggling massively..most likely due to huge depletion of nutrients and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your body because of your ED. They will not be angry with you at all. .trust me when i say that. Morever they will be so relieved you have opened up to them. They wint have to put you through a whole liad more unnecessary tests and you will be offered support and help ariund your ed and in supporting your heart etc. Please speak to them asap... There will be no anger from them. Dont be afraid xx

anne1968 in reply to jfk71

Thank you for your support, I am going to the doctors today and hopefully can be brave enough to speak up at last xx

Hi anne1968, it sounds like your electrolytes may be off causing low drops in your potassium as well as sodium. You do need to see your doctors and be up front with them. There is nothing they haven't heard before. It is not your fault. Bulimia is a sickness just like anything else, that needs attention. Please seek the help you need both physically as well as psychologically. I wish you my best x

anne1968 in reply to Agora1

Thank you for your reply, I'm going to speak to my doctor today x

Be honest with them - it may be nothing to do with your past - but the more information they have they better they will be able to give you the right diagnosis and treatment - don't be scared - they are not going to judge you - but are going to help you as much as they can - it also might be a good education for them - I know when I spoke to a new GP recently she really wanted to know about my ED as she'd only heard about them second hand - so you might even help others struggling as you are.

I spoke to my doctor and am being urgently referred for talking therapy. I have declined antidepressants for the next 2 weeks as a chance for me to try and help myself. I will have a review then and see how i am doing without tablets but if need be i will start a low dose to stop the binge/purge cycle while i recover. I would urge anyone to speak to their GP as they were understanding and patient with me.

Glad you had such a good GP - hope that the therapy goes well and you will not need anti-depressants - but if the advice is that they will help - may be a short term medication - making sure their not addictive - might aid your recovery.

Hello Anne,

Bulimia can deplete the body of vital electrolytes, especially potassium. Potassium is critical for heart and muscle health and when these levels get dangerously low it can result in cardiac arrest. I know this because I am suffering from critically low levels of potassium as a result of bulimia and currently have to have an IV drip every week. It's very uncomfortable and intrusive. Please see the doctor and be honest, they are not there to judge they are there to help and will only look to do what is best for you. I wish you the best of luck xx

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