I think I'm developing an eating disorder

Hello, I'm new to this community. Just want to put it out there that I've started missing meals and am feeling very bad about eating. I also tried to throw up a couple of days ago (it failed, I couldn't throw up). I've eaten way too much over the week which I'm not happy about either. Maybe it's because of my "bipolar" (self diagnosed, struggling to get medical help and won't tell my parents because I don't trust them), it's been getting worse over the past couple of months.

Considering the fact that I helped my friend battle her eating disorder 3 years ago, this is wrong. Plus she's angry at me for doing it too, I don't blame her.

Any advice?

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  • Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, my thoughts are with you.

    Maybe have a look at the 'beat' website? They are for anyone struggling with eating. They may also be a local authority or service, try googling services in your local area.

    Sometimes you will feel like you have eaten too much, but chances are you haven't, maybe try listening to music or watch a TV show that you like? I know it sound simplistic, but sometimes it just takes your mind of the 'full' feelings and then you will be less likely to skip meals/ try to make yourself sick. I have had a variety of treatments to help with my anorexia over the years, maybe they are some holistic treatments you could try? I have had reflexology and hypnotherapy, which have helped me, try googling somewhere local to you or maybe make an appointment with your GP if they are the approachable type.

    Hope this helps and people on here amazing, so it might be a case of looking at other posts as well for any answers.


  • Thanks for the advice

  • Sounds like you recognise you've got problems around eating and food - suggest you go to your GP and talk to them about getting some help - visit BEAT or ABC website for more info which you may find helpful - also they have helplines/chat sessions. Do get some help asap about this - I know from experience that once these thoughts start - especially as you mention vomiting - they can spiral out of control before you realise and then things can get serious.

  • Thanks for the advice

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