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Friendly, considerate, and jovial. Well no, that's wrong. It’s foolish, cruel, and judgmental. They hold on tight to you at first then they start to slip away slowly, and over time the only thing left is my fingertips grasping theirs, but they let go of my hand and leave me in a dark place. A dark, pitiful, black hole. Suddenly you start to feel alone. Cold, frozen void of pouring emotions, just like a waterfall; it pours down into a body of water and keeps flowing through, then streams, then maybe, even more waterfalls. But nobody ever seems to wonder where the waterfall ends, for they only care about the main waterfall. They take pictures and enjoy the moment, but the moment they leave they will forget all about it.

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Ouch...huge painful ouch...massive hugs xx


Anyone prioritizing superficiality doesn't deserve you or the depth of your emotions. You write beautifully x


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