Giving up

really feel like giving up again. cant do it anymore

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  • It's okay! You can do this! I believe in you!

  • What is it your finding so hard. We are probably in the same boat as I to have loads of days like this. Hopefully we can support each other through these real difficult times as we understand what we are both going through

  • I started counselling 2 yrs ago and had a break last yr and now starting with a new counsellor. I think I'm actually getting worse now. Don't really want to go BC but if I don't have no support

  • Hang on in there. It will be worth it. I know it's tough. I hate how I feel each Friday after my counselling as it brings out so many repressed emotions, memories and feelings. But that's the point isn't it. We have to bring them out so we can deal with them and reduce their power over us. I'm really dreading this Friday as counsellor said she wants to do a 'visualisation' exercise. No idea what that is and I'm scared.

    Walking alongside you... x

  • EDs are so powerful and they convince us we can't cope, we can't do it - we can't beat them - but you can - keep at the counselling - I know its hard and tough - and we all have really bad times - but you can have an ED free future - do contact ABC and see if you can have a befriender who can support and walk beside you - and keep posting - we're all here for you - and my prayers go with you - be strong - stand firm - don't let the ED persuade you that you aren't stronger than it is.

  • thank u really appreciate your message

  • We are here for you, please lean on this community. You have already taken the positive step in posting your message. You are brave and strong. Take small steps, look after yourself and keep talking xx