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Fear on trying new f

struggling today in wanting to eat more but there's so much fear in trying new foods .

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I know its so hard to break the routine "safe foods" - but I found by just trying one new food each week it was amazing how my diet expanded - and nothing disastrous happened as a result - much to my surprise!!! So take a deep breath - take the plunge - and congratulate yourself for this huge step.


thank u its difficult when the ed is your sense of safety to let it go and see will I safe without it


Hello, I empathise with your fear of trying new foods, it's nerve wracking stepping out of the comfort zone of the foods that feel safe. I ate a few vegetarian scotch eggs recently and it may sound silly, but it felt like such a big step 😊 Small steps can make it seem less intimidating 😊

Best wishes


that's amazing progress. I think the more I find acceptance in my true self the more the ed dissolves x

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Thankyou very much 😊 And that sounds like it would be very helpful 😊Self acceptance can be slow going but can end up being so positive . Best wishes with everything 😊


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