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struggling again today eating less all the time PTSD symptoms getting worse which is making ed worse

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  • gentleheart, I'm sorry to hear that. Anything causing the PTSD symptoms in getting worse? Since the ED hinges on the PTSD, that needs to be readdressed. Maybe a call to your therapist is in order.

  • its counselling that's made them worse . Had to have a week off counselling every week was just opening up more trauma. Got to go back to counselling nx week dreading it

  • Gotcha...I can understand that. CBT did that for me. I couldn't stand the pushing forward when I wasn't ready. (agoraphobic at the time) Was having telephone sessions and just hung up on her. We're good now but therapy can be very grueling and bring up the symptoms we want to disappear. Good luck with counseling next week.

  • thank u got to keep pushing FWD I guess

  • We do... xx

  • do u feel like your making progress?x

  • gentleheart, it's my daughter and unfortunately she refuses counseling, so stays stuck.

    Give yourself credit for pursuing counseling no matter how difficult it is.

  • I'm sorry your daughter is suffering. I hope she is able to accept help soon x

  • I can relate to what you are saying. It us so hard when the ED is linked to trauma. Hang on in there though, you need to be able to take back control of your life in a positive way. I dread my counselling each week too as I know I'm going to unearth more and I'm sick of it, BUT I can see that my mistaken beliefs about myself are changing. Persevere. It's worth it. You are worth it.

  • I know I'm starting to believe in a beautiful person and all the projections from narcissist caregivers were their own beliefs about themselves

  • Please do seek further help - and try to get more continual support for the difficult times. Its not a problem that is simple to sort out and its not something to be tackled alone - I know counselling can make things feel worse - but my experience is that looking at the painful issues - and getting support when eating was the last thing I wanted - was the way to start recovery.

  • I know been putting off the letter I want to write and take to counselling going to do it today

  • Fantastic - the first step is always the hardest - so will pray that you will do this - I know that when I became honest with my counsellor - and really told her how I felt and what I felt - about the counselling as well as the ED and life ... which I dreaded doing - things then started to move forward and the relationship with the counsellor became better and more productive.

  • thank u x

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