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struggling with recovery and not sure its even possible anymore.

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Hey Gentleheart recovery is possible & I really needed support groups around me to believe in this 💖 to you have such things ?


hi Sparkles

I have Sweda association which offer support groups once a month and started counselling but just feel so alone with it all. Have no friends or family around me x


Sorry for the delay...I found I have multiple addictions so I use the 12 step fellowship for meetings...AA NA OA...we have meetings daily depending on the area...My sugar addiction can come under OA (over eaters anonymous) or NA (narcotics anonymous) as Sugar is a drug...If you say which area maybe there's one of these more regular meetings ? 😁 please believe there is a solution


Recovery is always tough - but don't give up - don't let the ED win. Have you any support - if not suggest you need to get something in place - its not a battle to be fought alone - ABC offer support so do get in touch with them.


I go to counselling once a week but that's it. really tough opening up traumatic stuff up then having to leave without support. Abc cant help me because my diagnosis was made nearly 20 yrs ago. Had an assessment with the eating disorder team but they just said I should stuck with Sweda association for counselling. Just feel so alone with it.

thank u for your kind message


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