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Between a rock and a hard place

My sister has always been slim but now it's to slim. She talks about her weight a lot to me and she almost gloats about it to me and in some ways as horrible as it sounds I think she may be dramatizing her state with her anorexia because she has dramatized any illness in the past. But I can't just assume that and not support her because it could be true. She told me she saw a counselor so that relieves my stress a bit, but she told me not to say anything about her ED to my parents. I'm worried something will happen to her and it could've been stopped if I told my parents. But I also don't want to lose her trust and make her feel alone I think she may be able to come out of this if she keeps seeing the counselor and I support her, but what if that isn't enough? I'm very concerned any advice on what to do is greatly appreciated. We have a very strong close relationship I can't lose her.

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Hi Ledel, Do you know for sure that your sister saw a counselor? Depending what age she is, it is important that your parents know. Anorexia can get out of control very fast with dire consequences. Is it possible that someone else in your family or at school can say that they noticed her weight loss so that they can bring it up to your parents. I know you don't want to lose her trust in you, but you also want to keep her safe. Try talking with someone about your concerns.


I can understand your concerns and really feel for your situation. I would suggest that you raise your concerns with someone as anorexia is a very destructive disease and quickly takes over a persons mindset and distorts their thinking - it is also often very secretive and I would have concerns - given the way she is "gloating" to you about her anorexia - as to whether the counsellor is a reality. I don't know the age of your sister - and can understand you don't want to lose her trust - but if you can talk to your parents - or at least suggest that she sees her GP to get a physical check up - I think it would be advisable. You could also look at the ABC/BEAT websites who both give really good advice to people in situations such as yours.


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