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Bloating and pain

I am struggling in recovery everytime i try to eat and recover i get persistent diarrhea, gas, pain that 'splits me in two' as well as this i experience hunger when I'm full excessive urination and all these symptoms just get ignored by the doctors involved in my care they say its all in my head and its not!!! It makes me give up on recovery because its too physically painful! :(( being 16 means my parents get told everything and that means ive never truly been honest about the crazy things ive done!

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Suggest you need to talk a bit more openly about the "crazy things" you've done - as they might impact on your current physical health. I've shared some of the symptoms you describe as I've introduced things I've not eaten for a long while - but they did pass away with me as my body gradually adjusted to the new things - perhaps you should suggest getting a physical check up just to be sure of the cause - and I guess with your parents present it does make talking openly difficult - perhaps this is something you need to express in a session?


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