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I think I have Anorexia nervosa.

When I eat, I feel sick. When I don't eat I feel sick, dizzy, faint, weak and lifeless. I have an apptite but I am starting to hate all foods. Nothing looks tasty to eat. I end up forcing myself to eat daily to avoid all the dizziness. If I could live without eating food I would. I used to avoid eating meals and skip out as many meals as possible. I've always been on the larger size (weight) but recently I've dropped four dress sizes.

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Suggest a visit to your GP - the physical symptoms are worrying and I would suggest they need checking out - there may be a number of reasons for your feeling unwell and its not always wise to blame anorexia for everything - it sounds like you also need to talk to your GP and get some help about your issues around food - there's also helpful advice on the ABC website - but please do get yourself checked out.


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