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Just unsure?

How do you know if you have an eating disorder? I avoid meals at school and hope that no ones notices. The only meal I do eat is the one my parents cook for me, and I measure out my smaller portions of it. I never saw it as an issue, but I am constantly checking my weight and becoming angry at myself when I haven't lost weight. I just put my lack of eating down to be being stressed at school while doing my a levels. But I just don't know if it's a problem?

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dogsyeah, when you feel it is a problem and you hope no one notices, that's when you need to get help. Are you able to talk with your parents, a doctor or a counselor at school? Someone needs to guide you as to what the next step should be. Wish you well...


Suggest you get help now - EDs develop really quickly - can you talk to your parents, GP or school counsellor - you really do need to get some guidance and support asap - visit ABC/BEAT websites - or ring their helplines - they also give good guidance.


I went through a similar thing recently, apart from the fact that I didn't seek help so I just carried on until i realised how bad it was. The fact that you are concerned is good, try slowly feeding more and more stuff into your diet, you don't have to do it all at once as I know that will be hard. As for feeling angry when you don't lose weight, they are just numbers on a scale, no one can tell if you've gained 0.1 stone( they don't have laser eyes). jessica Ennis is extremely fit and a gold medal Olympic athlete but she is classed as 'overweight' on the BMI Scale which she does not look. Maybe try running or joining a gym as it's really therapeutic when you get into it, just make sure you have food before and after and drink lots of water

In the words of Bruno mars 'You are beautiful just the way you are' and that's true, I hope this helped



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