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I might be being dramatic, but I would like to know if i am before its too late. So im a 17 year old girl, i am not confident and shy. I am worried i am becoming too obsessed with my body. I track my calories every day and i try and steer clear of chocolate and sweets. I eat breakfast, lunch (which is normally a yogurt or fruit) and then a normal dinner. I dont see myself as fat but i dont see myself as skinny and i would like to be skinnier, i think. I am trying to get my head out of it but i also feel like im cheating myself or i feel guilty, or i wonder if it will make me fat. Instantly after i eat a bigger dinner i feel fatter. Im confused and i am a bit worried. i think i would just like reassurance im being dramatic or some one to tell me i need help to get me out of it. Thank you

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Hi xmaywhitaker, I don't think you are dramatic. Eating issues have a way of skyrocketing out of control. My daughter being anorexic has shown me how counting every calorie and feeling guilty just feeds into the issue. At least start with seeing your GP (letting your parents accompany you) and guiding you to a healthier lifestyle involving food. Wishing you well...


Suggest you need to get some advice - can you chat to your parents - a school counsellor/teacher - or a GP - you really do need to look at your thoughts and feelings around food - and guidance about how to develop a healthier relationship with food and your body image.


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