Do I have a problem?

hello everyone, I'm new to this site. For nearly two years my eating habits have changed, I don't eat a lot, and if I do, I end up throwing it up, a few of my friends and closest family say I don't eat properly, but I don't see a problem with how I eat... they also don't know about the throwing up, they only know about the lack and resistance to food. Do I have a problem? Am I blind to the problem? Should I speak to someone about this? Thank youu.

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  • Hi 16062000380335, You more than have a problem after 2 years. I would suspect a serious eating disorder which needs to be address immediately. So the little you do eat doesn't even have a chance to nourish your body. This is not only a physical issue but a mental one as well. Please see your doctor who will then refer you to a therapist who handles EDs. I wish you well. Please get the help you need.

  • Thank you, this has opened my eyes so much, I will find stuff out at the doctors, and see what happens from then on. Thank you.

  • Please do. It's important. x

  • I think in your heart you know you have a problem - and you've taken the first step in coming to this site - now for the next step - getting help. The vomiting will cause health problems - lack of nourishment, teeth and internal damage - and your other issues around food add to the problems - get help - get it now - talk to your parents if you can - visit the ABC or BEAT website - get to your GP - don't hand around - EDs from experience grow they don't go away on their own.

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