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What is the next step?

Hi Everyone, I am new here.

For just over 12 months now i have been binge eating and then vomiting. I recently told my mum and boyfriend as I realised how much damage I am doing to myself. I believe I do it through stress and depression. I am really into my fitness, couple of years ago i dropped 2 dress sizes through eating healthy and working out. I then got a injury which prevented me exercising for a while and this is when it all started. My mum wants me to go to the doctors, but im not comfortable with my doctor to talk about this. Is there a helpline with nhs or someone i could have a appointment with? would appreciate all advice. many thanks

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You certainly need help and its great you recognise this - and have talked to your boyfriend and parents - they are huge first steps to recovery. You could go to the ABC and BEAT websites - they have info and also support lines and support groups - its a shame you can't talk to your GP - could you see another GP in the practice - for nhs referral you will need the backing of a GP - there are also private clinics and counsellors - again ABC and BEAT might be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.


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