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can you have an eating disorder for only a few months?

hi so I've always had issues with my body and eating but these past few months I've been religiously counting calories, fasting, restricting calories to 300-800 a day, and then completely bingeing and fasting. Im now looking to stop these behaviours as its exhausting mentally and thankfully I have an amazing mum who's helping me. Is it okay to say I had an eating disorder? She says admitting I had one is the first step but I feel like it's not valid as it was only about 5 months? Please help!

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Whether you want to put a label on your problems or not isn't the issue - you clearly have issues around body image and food - and the feelings and restrictions you are imposing have long term health implications - physically and mentally - your mum is right in a way that admitting the problem is the first step to recovery - but you are likely to need professional help and support - sooner rather than later - experience tells me that this problem is not going to vanish over night by itself - but will need some serious work - a visit to the GP and a discussion about treatment options might be the next step - but do visit ABC or BEAT websites - your mum and yourself might benefit from the info there.


I get how you feel. When I had issues with food sometimes my behaviors lasted for some months and some other times I was less worried about food and I always felt like a cheater but it doesn't mean it's less stressing or severe.

I think you might have an ED and your mum is right:)


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