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so desperate for help for my daughter

hi can anyone advise me,my daughter as suffered with bulimia/anorexia for almost 15years it as completely took over her life and my families lifes,the only offer we have ever had from our own gp is cbt i am fighting for emdr but im being told it's not available through the nhs can anyone tell me do they or know anyone that as recieved this through nhs thankyou and my heart goes out to every sufferer and your familes.

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My heart goes out to you & your daughter however I have found a solution that helped me. I found out I had an eating disorder when I was admitted for alcohol dependancy.

I now use the 12 step program to help me. OA (over eaters anonymous) addresses the problem for eating disorders....Anorexia / Bulimia.

My eating disorder was but a symptom of my illness....underneath it all was my lack of self worth, lack of self esteem, lack of general love for myself.

I was very fortunate & had rehab treatment. Is your daughter using any other substances that you're aware of...alcohol / drugs/ prescribed medication ?

There was alot more to my problem underneath.

I also had EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapy which can still help today if I don't do my groups & have a mental flair up.

I'm 6 yrs clean now but everyday life can bring it's challenges as we have to eat !! One of the hardest ones to live me.

God bless

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I know how hard it is for family - as well as the sufferer - so I cry alongside to you. As a long time sufferer - I have received various treatment. I found CBT quite helpful - but specialist help is really needed - there are private ED clinics - and counsellors - but there are also a number of National Health Eating Disorder units now - ABC or BEAT might be able to give you a list. Hope you get the support you and your daughter need.

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Is she involved in eating disorder services? She needs specialist help and I know in my area there are a number of psychologists within the service (NHS) who are trained in EMDR xx


My heart goes out to your daughter as eating disorders do indeed take over one's life.

I suffered with both anorexia and bulimia for most of my life. The bulimic part of my head has thankfully left me and I've now lived almost 8 years without that gremlin. It has taken longer for me to get the anorexic side of me under control but I've now managed to control and maintain a weight I can cope with better.

For me it was only when a dietitian at the E.D unit compromised with me and asked me just to not go below a certain weight. That was easier for me to cope with and whenever I get close to that lower weight now his words come back to me and it may sound strange as much as I do want to go below it I remember our agreement,wrestle with my anorexic side for a while,even cry as if in mourning for my old self but i don't go back. It's so difficult to have 2 voices screaming at you inside your head that no one else can hear.

When my mother passed away 8 years ago It broke my heart because after years of battling with me over my eating and weight she began to see just me. She spoke to me and not my eating disorder and realised that it was my low self esteem and low self confidence that had me caged. My parents had been so strict with discipline and I couldn't speak openly with them.

Long story short my Mother and I became a real Mother and daughter team,it took time as I had to learn to trust her and let her in. It all started late in my life as I was in my late 30 ' s by then.

I had counselling,cut etc it all helped but loving and trusting my Mother more than the anorexic side was the real breakthrough I believe as my eating disorder I thought was my friend.

Hypnotherapy was the therapy that helped rid me of bulimia. I still don't know how but 8 years on my still free leaving me with the voice of anorexia behind alone.

Life isn't easy the voice stays with me everyday but i have a better life now.

Finding the underlying cause I think is the key,there is always so much more to it than weight and food alone.

I'll pray for your daughter and for your family.

I control anorexic thoughts ..i haven't rid myself of them but when I laugh and smile now even when I'm not happy with my body or my weight I know I'm in control and not the dis ease.

God bless

I meant to say cut earlier.


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