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Recovery for anorexia.

I met with my dietitian as a step to start recovering and when she weighed me the scales say I have lost more weight, my BMI is now 16. I still have my periods and one of the specialists told me they reckon I still have them because I was petite when starting puberty, however they think my periods shall stop if I lose more weight. So that is quite scary, quite a personal question sorry, but did anyone's periods stop and if so what was your BMI when this happened please?

Best wishes to everyone xx

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Hi, in my experience, periods stopping doesn't directly correlate to weight/BMI. Last year, my periods stopped when my BMI was about 17.9. But in the past I was about 14.6 and I still had periods.

I can confirm I was also very petite when my periods started, so this may be a factor. However, the main reason my periods stopped at a higher weight was because I was physically more unwell from excessive vomitting that nearly killed me.

It is probable that your periods will stop if you continue to lose weight. But it's very important not to focus on these negative aspects. Don't worry about your periods stopping if they haven't stopped, concentrate on trying to be as healthy as you can.

Everyones body is very different and responds to things in it's own unique way. I don't think you can guage from other people if and when your weight will effect your menstral cycle.

It may not be particularly healthy for me to share stats, numbers, figures, but it is proof that focusing on numbers doesn't give you the results you want/expect. Although I know and understand how easy it is to get hung up on these things and obsess over them. But it only leads to a very dark place.

I am happy you are seeing a dietitian and I hope that they can provide help and guidance to starting a healtheir life style.


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