Dropped by to see how everyone is and say hi

Been a while again everyone. Avoid posti g when am in a negative mindset. No one on here needs that. Had my son's Christmas Eve,Christmas day tik the evening. Am sooo relieved we did it,me,their dad ( ez partner) and our boys. Huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Am eating so much better but still very much struggling with body image and changing shape. Awful, absolutely awful :&(. It's New Years Eve and have my son's ,as I did last night too. 2016 has thrown huge amounts of crap in my direction,probably a lot of yous also. Hope is everything so let's all Hope that 2017 is an improvement on 2016...even if it's just a slight one. It's still an improvement . Happy New Year everyone. Here's to me,you and everyone else out there xxx

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  • Hi jfk71, Taking steps no matter how small is still going forward. Happy New Year! x

  • Thank you for your lovely positive post . You are right hope is everthing .I wish you all the best for 2017 ...I am hoping it is good for my family too xx

  • Thanks...I have adopted the attitude that as long as a person has hopes and dreams then there is still everything left to fight for. And am actively fighting this mindset I have been stuck in for months and months. I have found ( personally ) that it is easier to give in and wallow than it is to fight. I always believed it to be otherwise and accepted I was beaten. But I don't wanna be beaten and am not. It's not a New Years resolution but a lifelong resolution ...I am going to beat all my demons- for myself and then for my children. I deserve it and they deserve it. Am ready for the uphill struggle and for a long hard battle. And I know I am gonna be OK....you will/ can be too. Here's to 2017 and hope for all of us xx

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