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How do I know if I have Bulimia?

I'm 15 and I am constantly worried about my weight and size, I weigh myself multiple times a day. Sometimes I won't eat anything all day then feel good about it when I throw up. I have other days where I binge eat everything like chocolate, but the thing is after I binge eat I never make myself throw up surely it can't be bulimia if I don't make myself sick, but I'm pretty sure that my eating habits aren't normal. Are there any other eating disorders I could have?

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Putting a label on the problem isn't the issue or the solution - you recognise you've not got a good relationship with food - that's great - suggest you need to get to your GP and get proper help for EDs - before it becomes a habit and a way of life - experience tells me the longer you wait to get help the deeper the problem gets - you can also visit Beat and ABC website for help - but do please get some professional help asap.

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Hello :) what you're going through must be hard , and I think it's good that youre recognising that you may have an eating disorder. Prehaps there is a CAMHS service in your location that could help you? Also the GP can help a lot with diagnosis of eating disorders and providing support to help you through it.

Best wishes :)


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