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Diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa yesterday

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Yesterday I went to the hospital for my eating disorder assessment and after being asked questions and my BMI being checked I was told I fit the criteria (or something like that) for Anorexia nervosa and shall now see a dietitian and a therapist. Still feels very unreal and I feel in denial like I am still not ill... They said they are going to try to help me get to a BMI of around 19 where my BMI at the moment is a quite a bit lower (16.4) so that scares me, although I'm beginning to realise that it would be beneficial for my health.

Thank you to the people on this site who have supported me :) xx

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That sounds positive. I know it seems scary but they are trying to help you . please accept the help and try and work with them. You deserve more than anorexia will give you .with love xxx

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Rubie1996 in reply to joanna21

Thank you very much :) Yeah, it's so scary, I want to stop feeling so guilty for eating what others consider a normal or even below normal amount, but at the same time I don't want to gain and still want to be thinner, but don't want to become more ill... it's all very confusing :/ and thankyou :) xxx

You must accept the reality of the situation and embrace any help you can get from anyone who offers it, because Anorexia is the most evil, insidious illness in the world and you will need lots of help to get over it. So, please do everything you can to overcome it as quickly as possible!

Good luck ! My best wishes are with you on your journey ahead! Do not stop fighting the illness until you are completely free from it!

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Rubie1996 in reply to Paraskevi

Thankyou very much for your reply:) I agree with you, anorexia is very evil, it's so hard because I still find it difficult accepting that is what is happening to me, but I shall definitely try, I want to be rid of this and not feel guilty everyday for eating, And thankyou very much :)

Go for it, girl!! And never ever look back! As a mother of two girls suffering with this illness for years, I am speaking to you from the heart!

With all my heart and all my soul I am wishing you to rid yourself of this illness and save yourself!

I do not seem able to save my own beautiful twin girls. Go for recovery straight away, and never ever look back! Xx

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