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Sleep Eating

I was wondering if anybody sleep eats. Where you get up in the middle of the night and in your sleep you are eating food. You know you are doing it and you cannot stop yourself. Until maybe a certain food you are eating is gone and then you go back to bed and sleep. I used to put French fries in the oven. I could have burned the house down . Please let me know if you have this happening or any solutions. Thanks

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I almost did it every night, it was like an obsession. I couldn't sleep before I ate everything of a special kind of food. One night I ate four big bowls with cereal and Milk, and 250g nutella, another night I ate two Ben & Jerry's and a whole pack of salted crackers and a lot of butter and cheese. I couldn't stop even though I was crazy full.

This behavour stopped when I started to eat night snack before bed. Two sandwishes and an apple, or a bowl with yoghurt, müsli and a banana. Or an ice cream with crackers. It was hard in the beginning to eat before bed, but when I realised that I didn't have to wake up to eat a lot of EVERYTHING and when I realised that I slept better with food in my stomach, the horrible anxiety slowly disappeared, and truth said; It was worth it. Now I feel like a "normal" person again: not walking up 3 in the morning to eat like (what I saw it) a pig.

I really hope you dare to try, even though I know how hard it is.

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Oh my gosh someone that knows what I go through that is half the battle thank you for responding to me. And I will eat a big night-lunch makes sense. If you are fuller before you go to bed like you said will not wake and gorge middle of the night because your body thinks is in starvation mode. I am not going to fool myself it will be hard at first. I want to be a normal person too.



How does it go?


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