Calling in sick to work- Am I being silly?

I've been feeling very weak and lightheaded especially the last few weeks again and it effects my ability to be quick at work and I work with food. I've been feeling especially sick and very drained today (bearing in my mind I've got low iron and very low vit D and just been diagnosed with an ED) and I'm going to call in sick to work tomorrow because of how awful I feel but unsure if I'm being silly and if this is not reason enough to call in sick and how I'd even describe what's wrong to not be able to come in.

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  • Rubie1996, being weak and lightheaded and more than enough reason to call in sick. You can say you are "feeling under the weather" which could be anything from female problems to a migraine. My daughter also has an ED and feels like this most of the time. It's difficult to function let alone work when feeling this way. Take care of yourself, you are most important.

  • Thank you very much Agora1 :) I rang them and they said okay and didn't ask any questions so that was a relief :) I hope your daughter is also okay and best wishes to you

    - Rubie

  • Take care of yourself Rubie1996...

  • need hlelp because I suffer

  • bensmith, I just saw your response. How can the forum help you?

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