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I do not know what i should do?

Hi everyone,

Im new on here this is my first day and everyone seems so friendly and kind i just need some advice quite desperately. i have been binge eating for a few weeks now and i have started noticing it has been getting a lot worse and i want to make my self sick afterwards and sometimes i even make myself sick, and its is making me really depressed i just need some help as i feel really alone and i have nobody to talk to i know there are people out there but i dont think of it at the time when i am feeling this way tonight has been probably the worst for me i was sick after i had eaten and my partner found out and was really upset i do not want to tell him these things because i dont like putting so much pressure on him.

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suggest you get to your GP now before things develop any further - you need the help and support of professionals with ED experience to help you deal with this. Good luck - recovery is possible with help - you can also visit ABC website for info

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thankyou soo much it means a lot to me x


Hello :)

Please do not feel like you're alone and have to keep all these feelings to yourself, you're not alone and there's many people who can support you. People on here, ABC and also your GP can help a lot and even refer you to a specialist if necessary who can provide lots of useful support. Also, I can empathise with how you feel about not wanting to tell your partner how you feel, I was in a position like that before where I was too worried to put pressure on my boyfriend and worried about upsetting him. However partners are there to love and support us, and I know from my experience my partner was more relieved when I explained the feelings about eating I have rather than keeping it inside and he's been the biggest support I've had, so don't feel like you have to keep things to yourself.

Best wishes!

- Rubie x

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thank you so much im just worried what to say to my gp about this it upsets me just talking about it to my partner so i dont know how i would feel about discussing this with my doctor.


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