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Hello. I have been bulima since I was 16 when I first started and now 53. I am 5"7 and now weigh 235.5 pounds now. My last purge was last night doing 30 laxatives. Knowing that my excuse this time was getting weighed on Thursday night. My addiction is sugar and cannot stop until I pass out starting the next day and I sleep it off within the following couple days. until I do it again. But I have been binged free 16 days. I was on another site through and the people were wonderful and day by day they brought me through those days and I will never forget them. I am trying to get sugar out of my lifestyle to being clean. Since I really started to work on sugar desserts and sugar night time snack the last 2 days I have been dipping into peanut butter supposedly with a banana for lunch dessert and have regular dessert twice a week. I still eat sugar night snack. It is too much to work on both at the same time. Please I can use your help! And understanding knowing what I am going through and learning to have freedom of this eating disorder and have a truly freeing lifestyle. thanks.

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