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Need Some Help and Advice For Eating disorder :)

Im 15 and am under cahms. i found a few weeks ago that i have changed weight so am now 46kg 158cm tall. im strugglin to tell my teacher i dont know if i should or how they will react, i vomit alot now and i find it hard to stop even thought i have visible ribs i chose not to see the school nurse and i do not ever eat at school as i fear what they will think of me please help x

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Hi Kat Please do talk to someone about this. I know it is difficult but you need help to fight this . You can beat it but you will need the support of your family and friends. Are CAHMS aware of the eating disorder side of things ? They will be able to offer support with this too but you have to let them help. With love xxx


Thank you for ur reply! Yes, they do know about my eating disorder and my councellor and i are working together to figure out a diagnosis. my next app is on tuesday They said its complicated with me :/ when im outside im freezing cold. and im unsure about what to say to my teacher about it. i got offerd a place in a 6th form but i dont really want to go :I


Hi Kat, it is great that you are working with your counsellor. Anorexia will try to take over your life so I think going to 6th form is good in that it provides a distraction but yes it will be difficult. Have you the option of going somewhere else to continue your studies such as a college ? Another option is perhaps talking to the college to see if you can study less subjects. I know it is difficult but the first step would probably be to talk to the school about your worries and what you have going on right now . You may be surprised what support they can offer. xx


Thank you so much for ur time and help really appretiate it. im in a pretty low mood right now but i hope u are okay as well take care

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