Feel very awful

Saw crisis team today....I feel very patronised by the woman and almost guilty...as if she is accusing me of lying...said I had bmi of 27. Other staff member told me 25. Wish I knew how to work it out as know she is wrong. Still trying really hard to eat little food but am really scared about what happens when I do. I made a plain two egg omelette and shoved some shredded carrot on the plate. About ten mins after I started overheating. My heart is palpitating and feels very fast and my hands have started to itch,prickle almost ad if someone is sticking me with lots of pins. What's it about... Scared and sad xx

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  • Sorry you are struggling - I think the over heating is probably down to anxiety over food - such a shame you don't have someone who can empathise with your struggles to support you - both BEAT and ABC have helplines (often over burdened with calls - but you can email) - ABC are very supportive

  • It's awful that the crisis team didn't seem to understand or empathise with you. They should know that BMI isn't the only symptom of an eating disorder (for example OSFED/ EDNOS gives examples of this.) I hope you get more support and empathy with your situation, no one should be made to feel like they are lying or be made to feel guilty, best wishes xx

  • I can only re-iterate what Rubie1996 has said - BMI alone is not a symptom of an eating disorder. You are obviously finding it anxiety provoking when you eat. My daughter has been having hypnotherapy to help her cope with her anxiety and anorexia, and the results are promising. The only problem is that it can be expensive. Perhaps your GP could refer you for some talking therapy? If they are sceptical about the eating disorder, just tell them it's anxiety! Hope you get the support you need.

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