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Not skinny enough

Well am finally seeing someone. Been asked to keep a food diary...I find this rather absurd but hey ho !! Am waiting for assessment to get referral to ED specialist rather than mental health crisis team.. Don't hold out .such hope cos am apparently not skinny enough to actually see a specialist full stop. Well if I have to have a bmi of 17 or below, them I am of the belief I will die before I get that help.. Did I say I had bloods taken today and so will find out on Wednesday what my Ed is doing to my body. Can't say I feel great. Having a lot of fainting episodes.... Random end to post but has anyone heard anything from Morgana .x

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Hello, it must be so frustrating to be told you're "not skinny enough" to be seen a by a specialist :( Good luck with your blood test results, and all the best for you. I'm going to my blood test next week...


Hi ...its incredibly frustrating.. Thankyou for the luck tomorrow. I am a little concerned ...I got told that I am an intelligent woman so know what I am doing and how to stop it... The usual just eat healthy...ffs if only then we wouldn't be here would we. Are you seeing an ED specialist ? How are you doing and feeling. I almost crashed on A19 with my two little boys in the car. I forced half a cookie into me to stop me from passing out and that has caused its own effects. I could have killed my kids,myself and possibly someone else. Am distraught. Have bought some veg to steam and a small piece of fish to try. Its cooking as I type and I am panic stricken and the smell and thought of eating is making me sick :-( ....when do you go for your blood tests if you don't mind my asking ? xx


Hello, you're very welcome, wishing you all the best for today. Yeah sounds pretty confusing, knowing what is happening to your body doesn't mean you can find the ways to stop it happening because simply eating healthily isn't always just the answer, it must be frustrating for someone to say that to you.

I've not been sent to see an ED specialist but I have the blood test on Thursday and I'll see what they say about an ED specialist. That sounds very scary for you...good to hear you and your boys got back safely though :)

Steaming veg and some fish seems like a good idea because you'll be getting some good nutrients. The feeling sick because of the smell part can be hard to deal with. I've noticed that this particularly happens when I'm feeling extremely stressed and anxious. Making the decision to cook and eat something is good though :)

All the best xx


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