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Yesterday was awful


Went out with my friend yesterday to a pub for a game of pool. As soon as we got there she picked up the menu and asked me what main I would like. I.mediately I was overwhelmed with panic...she knows I have ED. I scoured the menu to see if there was anything at all that would not mean I had eaten carbs,proteins or fats.....I ordered a rump steak salad to which she replied I thought you didn't eat meat,I said I have to which an argument ensued . At this point I screeched I wasn't going to be eating the meat...I just wanted the salad. The person at the bar looked at me as if I was some total wierdo when I asked if I could just have salad. I suffered with massive anxiety for the rest of the day. I feel so ill and weak but just can't deal with how much worse I feel if I eat anything.Are there clinics in the NHS that you can self refer to ? Thanks for the support everyone

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you're in the right place - I can share how you felt - how awful for you - BUT its great you want help - starting point is your GP - you need referral to specialist ED unit - Also ABC have help lines which are really good - best of luck - don't suffer alone - we are here for you

Thanks....I do want help , but am very scared too. Have just removed my two little boys from their father's care, full stop...we had shared care. At thus rate I won't be able to take care of them very well . How are you yourself, are you " managing" better. Any advice would be welcomed xx

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Yes, I understand. I was anorexic much of teenage years. I hope your boys are OK. Please try some nutrition for them and you.

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