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Hypnotherapist for anorexia


My 18 year old daughter has anorexia. She's been in a specialist eating disorder hospital for 8 months now and although she is physically out of danger now, she is still underweight and says that her anorexic voice is just as loud now as it ever was. She is soon to be discharged and our experiences of community services is poor. We have been discussing hypnotherapy and although we realise it is not recognised in the NICE guidelines and we know there are mixed feelings about its usefulness, we are willing to try it. My daughter is particularly keen to give it a go. We've read mixed reviews and we're not expecting a magic cure but we just feel if we don't try we'll never know. What I would like to know is if anyone can recommend a good hypnotherapist who specialises in eating disorders. I would prefer to hear from those who have had a successful experience with this rather than those who merely have opinions about its use. We are in the Nottinghamshire area but would be prepared to travel for the right therapist.

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My daughter has her first appointment with Fiona Nicholson tomorrow afternoon. I am trying not to get my hopes up but I can't deny, I'm a little bit hopeful. I'll keep you all updated.

Hi hope you don't mind my asking but I was reading and just wanted to ask how your daughter was doing with her hypnotherapy sessions. I saw you mentioned her first was only around three weeks ago ...has she had any further sessions as of yet ? And is she finding them helpful and showing any positive benefits. I really hope so and hope she finds herself on a road where shop begins to improve and begin a difficult but obviously better life recovering from her eating disorder. Strength, positive thoughts and hugs x

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Hello there, thank you for your message jfk71. My daughter has her second session tomorrow so I will post an update after that. Ideally she should be having weekly sessions but there were no immediate spaces so rather than wait we agree to start immediately but have longer gaps between sessions until she could find a regular weekly time slot.

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I agree...strike whilst the iron is hot so to speak and get her to the sessions whilst she has agreed to go. I know myself sometimes when left we change our minds about getting and accepting help. I wish you all good luck with her second session and will look forward with hope re your update. Hugs and strength xx

Well today's session has gone really well. My daughter came out feeling really positive and feeling like things are started to move forward. It's early days but it's the first time that she's been able to be totally open and honest with a therapist. We remain hopeful. Her next appointment is on the 23rd so I'll post an update then.

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