Does the community post on a weekend

I keep logging back in. Just so there I can see if there is someone. Scared to fall asleep but still I refuse to let go,to fail, to be a failure at this too. Its the only thing I know I am good at, and that feels so good,so powerful even. Everything else is chaos, way out of my control, but this isn't. How I respond to feeling this awful is in my hands,my control. Feeling this bad isn't even to give up the feeling of powerful good. I am tired and wish it were enough... But it isn't ??????!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Before you go away, get to a doctor.... xx

  • I can't I am so scared they will not let me take my sons away. They suffer so much disappointment I will not do it to them this time. Just have to get through this week. Leave in half hour to go and noe gp won't give me thyroxine meds because they aren't officially due until Wednesday. Have lost what I had so now no thyroxine since Saturday and have no thyroid at all...removed. Arrrrrgghhh x

  • Hi jfk71, it's always a little more quiet on the weekends. I'm around if you care to talk..

  • Thanks xx

  • Hi jfk71 , I hope you have been to a Dr by now. You need to tell them exactly what you have said on here.Do it for yourself and for your boys.You all deserve much more than the life you get with anorexia.I hope you can maybe ask for help from friends & family, chances are they are probable all really worried abut you & will be pleased to help. With love xxx

  • No Dr. Can't and won't . My little ones have suffered way too much disappointment in their short lives already. We leave for Holiday for the week,just the three of us in half hour. I have to and will get through this week . Thanks I will try to get to a Dr on my return. I really really have to do this xx

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