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Having asked for people's experiences of hypnotherapy earlier in the summer, my daughter has now had 6 sessions and, as promised, here is my feedback.

So far the experience has been positive. This may be in part due to the choice of therapist who also suffered from anorexia in her teens. This has probably given her a real insight into the mindset and helps her give appropriate responses.

For the first two sessions I think my daughter was a bit sceptical and found some of the techniques 'weird'. However, she always felt comfortable with the therapist and they soon built a good rapport.

From the third session on, we noticed a significant improvement in her general mood, less anxiety and a willingness to try new things. A family member who hadn't seen her for a while, remarked on how she seemed more like her old self and that she had a sparkle in her eye again.

The therapist did emphasize at the outset that she would tackle underlying emotional problems first, and that it might take some time for attitudes to food and eating to change. She said she wanted to see small, incremental steps not a dramatic 'big-bang', and I think this is exactly what we have seen.

All in all, we feel it has been successful and wish we had thought of it sooner. We will be continuing with the sessions and may have further developments to report.

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  • susiecoo, that is wonderful news. No one ever mentioned hypnotherapy to my daughter. It sounds like you have a good therapist who truly understands the deep emotional impact anorexia has. Taking small incremental steps sounds like the right way to go. I wish your daughter continued success. Thank you for the positive update. Take care of yourself x

  • Thanks for your update. I have been trying to get my daughter to go to a hypnotist but she is anti. It is good to hear it is having a positive impact. Someone also suggested NLP which is similar.

    I hope your daughter continues to improve.

  • I found ours via the National Council of Hypnotherapists, see their website hypnotherapists.org.uk/

    though as you say, even amongst accredited hypnotherapists there will no doubt be good and bad...

  • My 18 year old daughter has anorexia. She's been in a specialist eating disorder hospital for 8 months now and although she is physically out of danger now, she is still underweight and says that her anorexic voice is just as loud now as it ever was. She is soon to be discharged and our experiences of community services is poor. We have been discussing hypnotherapy and although we realise it is not recognised in the NICE guidelines and we know there are mixed feelings about its usefulness, we are willing to try it. My daughter is particularly keen to give it a go. We've read mixed reviews and we're not expecting a magic cure but we just feel if we don't try we'll never know. I've just read your post and it has given me more hope. I wonder If you could recommend the hypnotherapist you saw as it sounds like your daughter has had a positive response to them. We are in the Nottinghamshire area but would be prepared to travel for the right therapist.

  • She is based in Harley Street, London or Henley, Oxfordshire and her website is

    fionanicolson.com/. I think you are right to approach it knowing it is not a magic cure, but I think it can help get at underlying emotions. Good luck.

  • Thank you so much for your message Susiecoo. I shall look her up now.

  • Hi I really so glad that your daughter is responding positively to the hypnotherapy sessions... And I hope she continues to climb that hill she found herself stuck at the very bottom of...and that you get your daughter back. I will look forward to reading your updates on her progress if you post any. Am now considering hypnotherapy myself and your update has been most valuable x Thanks...

  • My daughter has had a first session. I think she felt quite positive, although it is early days. I will definitely post updates here. Her next appointment is on the 9th November. Here's hoping.

  • Hi Lillybet66, I am so glad to hear that your daughter's first session was a positive experience. I wish her continued success in finding answers and helping her heal. I will be watching any updates with anticipation. Maybe it will be the route that my own daughter can take. Stay well and take care of yourself. x

  • Hi Lillybet66, so glad the first experience was a positive one. I'll be keeping fingers crossed that she gets the healing she needs. We are still finding each visit produces a small but noticeable reduction in anxieties, though there is still some road to travel...x

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