Should I go to hospital?

My doctor's been so worried recently and keeps calling my mum and I to ask for tests and us to go in a speak to them. she rang my mum today and said that she was really worried because I've lost so much weight. I also got 'discharged' from the therapy I'm getting for my anxiety and depression because they told us they didn't believe they could help me anymore. So I asked my doctor what I should do, and she said that I could go to hospital if I wanted. My mum really doesn't want me to go, she thinks it'll make me worse, but I really want help and I don't know how long it'll be before I get therapy again. I'm really struggling to eat at the moment and I really want help.

Should I go to hospital? What would happen if I did?

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  • Dear Heliza11, My personal advice would be to follow your doctor's orders. It's encouraging that you want to be helped. Your mother on the other hand, has some reason for feeling like it would make you worse. Without therapy, you really don't have the support you need. I do hope your doctor can convince your mother that you need in patient care at this time.

    Good Luck honey. x

  • thank you 😊 I actually just spoke to my mum about it and she said she was just worried it would make me panic, and she doesn't understand how they'll be able to make me eat more or help me. so I'm not sure what's best to do..

  • Heliza, I'm glad you are talking about it with your mom. I'm sure she wants what's best for you. I hope the right decision is made in your best interest. x

  • Hi Heliza, my daughter was in your position a couple of years ago and as a Mum, I know it was a difficult decision. But the low-down was that she couldn't eat enough to stay healthy at home, and the hospital did manage to restore her to a healthy level. I would urge you to give it a go - sometimes it provides a 'safe' environment for anorexics to recover. Good luck x

  • thank you 😊 do you mind me asking how they helped your daughter in hospital? I'm trying to explain to my mum that it could really help me, but she keeps saying she doesn't know how it'll be any different as to how it is at home.x

  • It's hard to describe the difference because I didn't actually observe any meals at the unit, but from what we've been told, I think the nurses are trained to give the right sort of encouragement, the environment is removed from everyday worries so feels 'safe', and sometimes the family relationships can get a bit fraught which makes recovery at home more difficult.

    My daughter was quite young when she was first diagnosed (not 13) and we tried at home for a year, during which time she recovered on her own but then went downhill again once she restarted school. She was extremely anxious and didn't want to be an in-patient at first, in fact she was terrified. It took a lot of encouragement and bringing her home at night to begin with (which was an option for us, but I know isn't always due to distance, different units etc).

    In the end, it benefitted her in more ways than just restoring weight, because she grew in confidence and received some therapy once she got to a reasonable level.

    I feel from what you say that you are ready to get the help you need at hospital, so it seems unlikely you will get panicky. I would re-assure your Mum that you have nothing to lose and much to gain, especially if you are no longer receiving therapy. Perhaps she is concerned that you will be in the company of other anorexics? I know some sufferers find that hard, but again, the staff should be able to help. x

  • I'm glad it helped your daughter, I hope she's doing well now. thank you for sharing your experience 😊 x

  • Obviously it is hard to give you advice as an "outsider" without medical knowledge or knowing your situation - however, if your Dr is saying they feel you need hospital treatment then I would follow their suggestion - it is so good that you are prepared to get help - as to what to expect - that depends on the hospital and the sort of treatment they feel you require.

  • thanks 😊 I will of course do whatever my doctor think is best, it's just quite difficult, I don't want to upset anyone.

  • I know just how you feel - never want to rock the boat - but when your GP is giving you advice it does suggest that they are concerned about your health and well being - and that has to take priority - you have been very courageous in admitting you have a problem - and for many they have to fight to get any sort of help - so you are really lucky to have the opportunity to get help now - good luck - hope it goes well for you.

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