Can someone help?

I'm thirteen years old, and I used to be 124 pounds. I was never happy with the way I looked, and so the three months before summer vacation I started eating 900 calories aday and working out in my bedroom for an hour or more every night. I was so happy when I started to lose weight. i told myself that once I reached 112 pounds would stop, but still i kept on seeing a number instead of food. I made up me beinglactose intolerant so i don't have to drink milk or eat pizza. my family didn't notice until I was 109 pounds, and they tried multiple times to get me to eat more. But, I still kept eating 1200 calories, telling myself it was progress from nine hundred. I lost a pound in a week and now weigh 101 pounds. I need help because all I think about when I beat is how many calories i have left after eating it. If I could talk to someone anonymous it would really help. Thanks for listening.

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  • Megan_Smith, I'm so glad you reached out to the forum. Most of all, I'm glad you realize you need help before this spirals out of control. Someone will get back to you who can advise and support you. Good Luck dear.. x

  • Thank you. My dad just talked to me about it and i realized I need help that I cant give myself.

  • That's true dear. There are people on the forum experienced in EDs who will be able to direct you and comfort you. x

  • Ok

  • Hi Megan_Smith, my daughter was about your age when she developed anorexia. The starting point for getting professional help is to see your GP. Do you think you could ask for an appointment? It is good that you are reaching out to the community and I hope you find the strength to seek further assistance. Good luck x

  • Have you tried ringing ABC or BEAT - they both have help lines - also you could visit the website where there's helpful literature - glad you've had the courage to talk to your dad - that's fantastic and the first step to recovery - good luck - your GP might be able to direct you to a specialist ED service - or counsellor - don't leave it thinking you can do it alone - we all need help and support.

  • HI Megan Well done for taking the first steps in reaching out for help. I am glad you have talked to your dad.You will need help ,you cannot beat this on your own. As you are discovering you will never lose enough weight to satisfy the anorexic voice , it will always want a bit more from you. Hopefully your family will learn how to help you and help to distract you from this voice. You deserve so much more than life with anorexia. I wish you all the best xx

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