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Binge Eating Disorder

Hi, I'm new to this site looking for some help with my Binge Eating Disorder. I have been trying to lose weight for the past 3 years, going on restrictive diets and doing exercise. I think this is what has triggered my disorder, as well as the pressure from my family to lose weight. 3 years ago I lost a lot weight, almost 15 kilos over 2 months. Since then I have gained all the weight back and more due to my eating disorder, this has put me under a lot of pressure from myself and my family to lose weight which may have made my disorder unhealthier.

I usually eat alone in the middle of the night, I binge on thousands of calories, not even realizing how much I am eating. When my family found out they were disgusted and demanded that I stop, this just made it worse as I started to feel guiltier and embarrassed when I ate and I just learnt to hide it better. I feel that my disorder has just gotten worse due to the stress of my exams in June, I was binge-eating a lot and I don’t want to discuss it with my parents or friends. I want to find a healthy way to lose weight, deal with stress and prevent my disorder from getting worse than it is. I'm hoping to find people who will relate to my situation and hopefully offer some advice and support.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi cookie98 ☺ ~ (I've been away. I go away alot, there's usually no internet where we go, not very often I can be on this forum anymore) Absolutely horrible what you're going to through. My advice to you is, break all the issues down. Firstly, you need to "deal with the binging." You need medical help for that. So you ñeed to make an appointment with a GP/DR and tell them the truth. They might recommend a dietician ~ to help you get your portions correct☺Then you will possibly need "counselling / therapy" for the binging, take it☺Then tackle your weight, maybe you won't see it as an issue after all ☺ As far as your family goes, I'm sure that when they see you being pro active with your binging, everything will get better there.

Ways to deal with stress?? Some ideas for you ☺ Meditation ~ Yoga ~ Martial Arts ~ Reading ~ Art ~ Music ~ Comedy Clubs (not sure how old you are, YouTube has some great comedy) Hanging with friends ~ Church ~ Volunteering (old people, animals, homeless, hospitals ), cleaning, leisurely stroll down to a lake to feed the ducks....

Always remind yourself that nothing lasts forever.

Good Luck with your exams and please go to your GP/DR. 🌺

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Hi Joolzzz, Thank you so much for your advice, I currently have a dietician who helps me and recommends foods but i think i might go to see my GP about possibly counselling or therapy, think that it would help me to deal with the stress of binging and school stress. Thank you again for your suggestions.


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