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Hi, im new to this forum, i have developed an eating disorder from over excercising. I did far to much running now i resrict my eating and have lost so much weight. I have been recently diagnosed which has now made me wose, all i think about is food and that i dont or cant eat it. I want to think of other things but it wont let me! The force is tostrong but i need to find the strengh to eat more. I have a re feeding plan thats hard to stick to, i feel like im struggling more and more each day.

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  • Hi, this happened to my son and he is now in an inpatient unit, which is very strict on making him eat, which he hates, but he was so ill so needed this to get him better, and week by week he is doing well, as you will. If you have family or friends can you ask for their help when you have your meals, and get them to encourage and talk to you whilst you have your meals. There are lots of good books too to help you, I should know as read so many while trying to see what I can do to help my son get better ! Lol. I know it won't be easy, but as we told our son take tiny little steps and build from there. Positive mental attitude and keep thinking that it will get better, and it will, give yourself time, and take all the help you can get. Good luck xx

  • I worry this will happen to me, i want to try get better on the outside but its proving so hard

  • I know the feelings you are facing - anorexia is a disease that takes over your whole life and dominates all your thinking so quickly - having a re-feeding plan is good - but are you getting any support to help you with the thinking - counselling can help look at what is going on under the surface and help you get a more objective view of things. There's helpful support from ABC - it takes time to get through some time - but the support they offer and their befriending service can really help if you're out there alone.

  • Yes i have got councelling but it hasent really got going yet, ive had this coming on for about a year. Now i feel its got a hold, when i do eat i feel like i want to excersise to burn it off is that normal? I need to stop thinking like that but i cant so frustrating

  • Hi Saraz you have taken the first steps which is a good start. My daughter is in recovery now but she did spend several months as an in patient at an ED hosp.We are now continuing to support her at home. We use distractions such as watching Tv after meals, she goes back to sleep after breakfast and we usually have a gentle walk after afternoon snack.Please ask your friends and family to support you, you cannot do this alone . Wishing you all the best in your recovery which will take time but is worth it and you deserve much more than the life you get with ED xxx

  • You have to recognise you have an illness - which takes over your thoughts around food and exercise - its great you have counselling - is there anyone else you can talk to - you could try ABC or BEAT - they both have helplines and offer really good support.

  • I dont think i realise it as an illness, i feel like im ok inside when i'm not

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